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About us

American Political Innovation Center (APIC) is the online education foundation, founded with the goal of globalizing education and making it more accessible and effective around the world, part of the need to train innovative and effective political leaders who can address the challenges most important in society.

APIC strives to provide high-quality education through its online master's program in political strategy, public image, electoral law, and political communication. We have a team of recognized professors in their respective areas, who offer an innovative and effective approach in the formation of political leaders.

In addition, all the master's degrees offered by APIC are officially recognized, which guarantees our students a rigorous and quality training. The combination of high-quality professors and an innovative approach to online education makes APIC a unique and cutting-edge institution in the formation of political leaders.

APIC is located in Washington DC, but has a sister office in Mexico to serve all of Latin America. This strategic location allows us to be at the epicenter of politics and political leadership in North America and provide a global perspective to our students.

In short, APIC's story is one of an innovative and leading political leadership training institution, combining academic excellence and effective online education to address today's political and social challenges.

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